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Storage Tip #27

  1. Inspect your storage space. The space should be an adequate size to fit your current needs.
  2. Decide on the packing accessories you’ll need: Bubble-pack, tape, drop cloths, mattress and furniture covers, locks and assorted size boxes from book to wardrobe size. 145 Storage can help with all your packing needs.
  3. Fill boxes appropriately: A box partially filled or over stuffed may collapse or tip. Heavier items like books or tools should be packed in smaller boxes so they require less force to lift. Be mindful and protect you fragile goods with bubble wrap or other protection product, and place them at the top of your storage space.
  4. Label your boxes! A list of boxes that you can readily access form home will make an easy reference when you need to locate your stored items.
  5. Pack the storage space with care. By leaving air space around the perimeter it will aid in ventilation. Never lean items against the walls. Try to leave a walk-way at the rear of your space for easy access.
  6. Keep frequently used goods near the door.

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  1. Kendall Everett

    Your tip to leave space around the boxes for ventilation was really smart. The more ventilation there is, the less chance of damage to boxes due to mildew so this makes sense. Leaving enough space around the boxes would also help to have room to move around.

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